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Monday 01/11/2021 & Tuesday 02/11/2021 £495.00 Online - Via Zoom + Add to Cart
Monday 31/01/2022 & Tuesday 01/02/2022 £495.00 ONLINE + Add to Cart
Monday 13/06/2022 & Tuesday 14/06/2022 £495.00 ONLINE + Add to Cart
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3 Days (A 2 day workshop supported by a 1 day pre-course work)

Course Summary

A 2-day workshop will be presented to healthcare professionals, which will focus on the communication skills essential for effective conversations about health. It is a skills-based programme which is supported by a comprehensive 1 day pre-course self-directed learning workbook, detailed written description and demonstration of the skills, followed by practice sessions in small group workshops. These role-play workshops, supported by video playback, provide the opportunity for individual feedback to enhance skills development.

The course provides practitioners with the skills to build effective relationships with their patients and influence motivation thereby moving from traditional advice giving to providing information in a more helpful way. It also addresses how best to deal with difficult and challenging situations.


Good communication skills are essential in all areas of healthcare including conversations with patients, relatives and carers, communication with colleagues as well as in group situations including strategic and/or multi-disciplinary meetings. The skills based workshop is designed to support this diverse range of health professional communication needs to ultimately benefit patient care.

The course provides a solid foundation for further behaviour change skills training.

Course Aim

To provide a thorough and detailed training in communication skills to enhance current practice and to provide a foundation for more advanced behaviour change skills courses.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course each participant should be able to:

  • Accurately observe and label skills within a well-defined model
  • Provide skilled observational feedback to enhance peer learning
  • Describe and demonstrate good communication skills used in an appropriate way
  • Reflect on how good communication skills influence everyday practice
  • Consider what next steps need to happen to implement the skills learnt in practice


  • Pre-course work
  • Exploring the application of a behavioural approach in practice
  • Delivering a patient-centred approach
  • Reviewing the evidence for good communication skills
  • Description of core skills

Practical skills based 2 day workshop

  • Core communication skills (First Contact Skills, Paraphrasing, Reflection, Summarisation, Questions)
  • Rapport building and developing a helping relationship
  • Ensuring a common understanding between practitioner and patient and an agreed way forward
  • Influencing motivation
  • Providing information in an effective way
  • Guidance on the implementation of skills learnt into everyday practice

Teaching Methods

The teaching methods used on this course are evidence based and have been used for over 20 years to teach these skills. They are designed to meet different learning styles. Trained facilitators support participants in the skilled-based workshops with a ratio of 1 facilitator to every 3 participants. This promotes optimal learning and contributes to the quality of this course.

We believe that this level of facilitation makes this course unique.


This course is suitable for:
Professionals working in healthcare to include: doctors, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, non-clinical practitioners and all those helping people to change.

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