Helen Croker

CRUK Health Behaviour Research Centre, UCL

Helen is a Clinical Research Dietitian at CRUK’s Health Behaviour Research Centre at UCL. Her principal areas of interest are child and adult obesity, children’s eating habits and developing interventions to support people to change health-related behaviours. Currently she is working on a number of research projects, including evaluations of a clinical childhood obesity intervention, Change4Life, the National Child Measurement Programme, an intervention to change eating and activity habits of obese women during pregnancy, and a weight management intervention for individuals with learning disabilities.

She has done numerous presentations at conferences and study days, and given undergraduate/ postgraduate lectures. She has also been involved with training health professionals in adult/child obesity management and behaviour change. She is a committee member of the BDA Specialist Interest Group DOM UK and Secretary for the charity Weight Concern.

She passionately believes that individuals and families should be empowered to make informed decisions about their health and then be supported in making changes should they want to, and that stigma around overweight and obesity should be challenged.

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