Karan Thomas

Karan Thomas BSc (Hons)

Karan has more than 20 years’ experience in Health Promotion and Public Health practice as an independent consultant. Her specialist areas are physical activity, obesity management and behaviour change.

After graduating from Loughborough University her early career saw her teaching physical education in a large Community College before joining health promotion as a physical activity specialist where she became involved with GP referral schemes. Since becoming freelance in 1985 she has been fortunate to be involved in many National Health Promotion campaigns e.g. Helping People Change, Active for Life, 5 A DAY.

Her interest in behaviour change was born out of frustration with the traditional ‘advice giving’ approaches and she sought to find a more effective way at supporting professionals in helping patients to make lifestyle changes. She is an Honorary Fellow at Manchester University school of Epidemiology and Population Health and until recently was a trustee of the National Obesity Forum with specific responsibility for physical activity.

She delivers training, conducts research and develops learning materials.

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