Behaviour Change Skills
Overview of modular programme

BCS P1, 2 & 3

Healthcare practitioners work in a variety of settings where health behaviour change is the expected outcome of any intervention.

Traditionally, practitioners have been trained to give advice that is correct, up to date and based on scientific evidence and this is recognised as part of their expertise.

Current knowledge from the field of health behaviour change indicates that giving advice alone is not enough to bring about change. Many practitioners have recognised the importance of this and have incorporated behavioural approaches into their consultations.

Although Behaviour Change Skills are important in influencing health behaviour, there is a lack of agreement and understanding about what is meant by ‘Behaviour Change Skills’ (BCS). BCS are a medley of approaches taken from the world of psychology, which can be applied in traditional clinical settings. ‘Motivational Approaches’ (adapted from Motivational Interviewing) and ‘Cognitive Behavioural Approaches’ (adapted from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) are currently viewed as the psychological approaches that are best suited to everyday practice.

In order to use these approaches effectively, however, practitioners need to have a good understanding of the theory underlying health behaviour change and have a strong possession of good interpersonal skills.

BCS Courses Part 1, 2 & 3 have been developed to provide a modular progressive learning programme, which will help practitioners develop the skills required to be effective behaviour change agents.

Part 1 – Patient centred communication – essential skills
Part 2 – Influencing motivation
Part 3 – Cognitive Behavioural approaches

A flexible approach – at your own pace.

The courses need to be undertaken in sequence as each course builds on previous learning. Part 1, however, can be undertaken on its own, and will greatly enhance practitioner skills in influencing motivation and change. You can then decide if you wish to progress onto Part 2 & 3.

Upon registration, you will be able to download and print the pre-course material which should be read and completed before attending the course.


BCS Part 1

Next: November 1, 2021 & November 2, 2021
at: Online - Via Zoom
£495.00 per person


BCS Part 2

Next: September 27, 2021 & September 28, 2021
£395.00 per person


BCS Part 3

Next: November 5, 2021 & November 12, 2021
£395.00 per person

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