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3 Days (A 2 day workshop supported by 1 day pre-course work)

Course Summary

This course builds on Behaviour Change Skills Part 1 and 2 and is aimed to enhance your clinical effectiveness by learning to integrate some of the basic CBT techniques into everyday practice. It is a skills-based programme which is supported by a comprehensive 1 day pre-course self-directed learning workbook, detailed written description and demonstration of the skills and behavioural strategies, followed by practice sessions in small group workshops.


Helping individuals to identify and become aware of their problem behaviours is central to cognitive behavioural approaches. Unplanned events are sometimes like a chain of events involving thoughts, feelings and behaviours that the person may or may not be aware of. Careful monitoring can help people become more aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Once identified, attempts to break the pattern are aided by other behavioural and cognitive techniques such as stimulus control, response prevention and cognitive restructuring. The ultimate aim of cognitive behavioural approaches is to help clients to become more expert in identifying their own health behaviour problems, setting goals and planning towards long-term solutions.

Course Aim

To introduce the principles of cognitive behavioural approaches and to teach key cognitive behavioural skills for changing health behaviour.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Understand the principles of cognitive behavioural approaches in the context of modifying health behaviour.
  • Identify the main cognitive and behavioural skills and strategies.
  • Demonstrate key cognitive and behavioural skills.
  • Identify opportunities for applying cognitive behavioural strategies in practice.
  • Identify the needs and opportunities for further support.


Participants must have completed Behaviour Change Skills: Part 1 and 2 prior to being accepted onto this course.

This Course is suitable for:
Professionals working in healthcare to include: doctors, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, non-clinical practitioners and all those helping people to change.


  • Rationale for cognitive behavioural approaches to change health behaviour
  • Key skills: Advanced Interpersonal and Motivational Skills
  • Key strategies:  Self-Monitoring, Identifying Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviour Relating to Problem Behaviours
  • Stimulus Control Strategies
  • Response Prevention Strategies
  • Cognitive Strategies
  • Lapse Management
  • Integration into practice

Teaching Methods

A range of teaching methods will be used to facilitate different learning styles. There will be detailed written information, demonstrations and practice of the skills and strategies in small group workshops. These role-play workshops will provide the opportunity to become familiar with the skills and to benefit from individual feedback.

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