Skills Training for Healthcare Professionals of all Levels

Good communication and behaviour change skills are essential for working effectively with patients as well as their families and carers. Established in 1998, Behaviour Change Training (BCT) courses have been developed by working with experts in the field and has constantly evolved to meet the ever changing needs of healthcare.

Practitioners need to be able to communicate effectively to form helping relationships with patients, their families and carers and ultimately, to support them in making decisions that are right for them and will have a positive impact on their health.

What is different about BCT?

We deliver training in a learner-centred way which increases practitioner’s ability and confidence. Uniquely, we invest in a level of facilitation that provides individual feedback and support to each participant. Trainers and facilitators all have experience of working as practitioners in healthcare, enabling them to relate to the participants working environment.

Underpinned by sound theory and evidence, practitioners learn how to improve outcomes for patients by influencing motivation and health behaviours, through a combination of self-directed learning and practical skills based workshops.

BCT equips participants with the knowledge and skills to enhance current practice and to become more effective healthcare practitioners. We invest heavily in facilitators who support learners. This means that each participant receives individual attention and practical support in building and embedding new skills and knowledge. We believe this makes our training unique.


A Personal Experience

In my early years as a practitioner working in healthcare settings, I felt that I was not being as effective as I could be. I set out to try to understand what influences health behaviour and how I could improve my own skills. What I learnt influenced my own practice so much that I developed a strong desire to share this with others. This in turn led in 1998 to the formation of my business ‘Behaviour Change Training (BCT)’ – skills to improve outcomes.

My inspiration is not only the feedback that we receive from participants on our courses, but the belief that each one of us can truly make a difference to the experience of individuals that we come into contact with in healthcare settings. I believe enhancing our communication skills also leads to better relationships with our patients and colleagues, which in turn leads to improved levels of job satisfaction.

Dympna Pearson


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